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Our Aims


By providing time, skills, knowledge and resources to those who have less.

Our Aims


By working together and alongside individuals, teams, charities and organisations.

Our Aims


By creating lasting and sustainable changes in communities and lives.

Our Story

Sadly, through neglect, there are many disabled children and adults in Romania experiencing severe and heart-breaking difficulties in their lives.

Belief in Action is a real force for change, delivering resources and support for sustainable community-based projects to alleviate their poverty and suffering.

Working for over 40 years in and around Romania, we have built strong relationships and work along side men and women of faith, helping children, the disabled and elderly, and their communities, to bring about a lasting change.


We run an annual retreat for families with members who have special needs.


Therapists visit individuals and institutions to increase awareness of aid and teaching basic therapy to enable a better quality of life.


We provide specialist training to the network of community leaders, pastors and organisations we work with to help them help those with special needs.


In areas of acute poverty there are two amazing projects we are really excited about, conceived by partners who inspire us and who work tirelessly to show Jesus’ love for those in their communities who are marginalised, poor, orphaned, or sick in mind and spirit.

Hope without Limits in Sacele – operating from the new Mission House, Pastor Otto Kiss has a real heart for children, teenagers, the disabled and disadvantaged. He has an inspiring vision to build a centre in the heart of his community to provide a safe haven and meeting place for able-bodied and disabled people. A local businessman has donated some land. There are plans to develop a micro farm and be self-sufficient, whilst engaging people with disabilities in paid or volunteer work. 

Associata Teleios in Reghin – Pastor Attila Toth’s vision to serve his local, impoverished community has resulted in increased church members and a wide range of social action projects. He pastors 6 churches, manages a farm, a horticultural enterprise, a home for unwanted babies, an educational programme for gypsy children, a refuge for ‘at risk’ girls and a multipurpose building from which income is generated through the sale of vegetables and second hand goods with an aim for self-sufficiency. 

How We Work

We love working with passionate and inspiring people, local churches, community leaders and organisations with years of experience, helping them develop sustainable community-based projects with their OWN ideas that are already impacting their communities and tackling the problems which contribute to poverty and despair.

Where We Work

Our work today is with children, the disabled and the elderly in Romania:
• Whose families need support
• Who are living in poverty
• Who experience severe difficulties in their lives


What We Do

We are changing the lives of the poorest, most disadvantaged children and adults as we partner with some amazing people who excite us with their vision of what the future could look like for their communities.

We change lives for good by focusing on two key areas of work:

  • Supporting and helping the disabled
  • Humanitarian and emergency response

We believe all children, the disabled and the elderly have equal worth and equal rights. Disability, ethnicity or age should not be a barrier to having the basic necessities of life. Find out more below about what the problems are, and how we’re working with communities to build long-term solutions.

Supporting and Helping the Disabled

Sadly in much of Romania there is still a stigma attached to those who have a disability, especially in the villages and rural areas. They face inequality and discrimination in almost every aspect of their lives. We believe that disabled people should have the same opportunities as everyone else. With a failing healthcare system and little spare money, the situation has improved little over the years. The needs for basic healthcare, health education, therapy and medical care is huge.

To do this we:

Provide facilities and/or resources for people working with support groups for the help and care of both children and adults who have disabilities.



Our vision is that the disabled, children and the elderly, including those from ethnic groups, are treated with dignity and respect. We believe in a world where they should be able to break through injustice, deprivation and inequality to fulfil their potential, shape their own destiny and live rich, productive lives and where they: 

• Have equal rights • Have enough money for a decent, secure life • Have access to healthcare and social care • Have the opportunity to live healthier lives • Live in homes that are safe and comfortable

Working with Hope without Limits

Otto Kis (Hope without Limits) in Sacele
Otto is a pastor with a real heart for the disabled and disadvantaged. He visited door to door in the villages to find those who were suffering from a disability; if he saw them in the street he would stop and chat, later visiting their homes to offer practical help like chopping wood and shopping. He found, sadly, that many in Sacele were lonely, struggling and feeling abandoned.

Touched by the plight of so many, Otto has started a number of initiatives – a support group and holistic day centre sessions twice a week for children and adults. Isolation is a real problem and these provide a social outlet for chatting, group activities, spiritual help, with a meal together. A much needed time of real friendship and respite. Otto’s ministry has developed over the past few years and now he is working closely with other pastors and organisations in the community to help those in the villages nearby. They are reaching ever-increasing numbers of people with disabilities who need help and assistance.

Supplying much needed disability aid equipment
There is a great need for this due to the scarcity of walking frames and other disability equipment. This scheme was set up to help the disabled improve their mobility and encourage them to become more independent and is now flourishing and changing lives. Word is spreading and people are travelling from long distances to obtain equipment. Peter Iuga, a carpenter, previously worked as a translator and distributor of aid before joining us to run this scheme; he is assisted by his wife Ramona (a social worker). Together they had run a group for people with special needs so they were ideal to help us. They have been to the UK for training for adjustment and repair of the equipment and are doing a fantastic job for us.

Therapists/Volunteer trips to Romania
Groups of therapists and volunteers visit Otto Kis and the Hope without Limits team in Sacele to facilitate and provide advice, support and specialist training to the network of community leaders, pastors and organisations we work with, or to just help out!. The therapists also visit individual homes and institutions to increase awareness of aid and equipment, assessing various needs, advising about mobility and accessibility to buildings, and teaching some basic physiotherapy which would enable a better quality of life. Hugely successful and appreciated.

Food Bank
Meeting people through the Disability Aid Loan Scheme, we realised there is a desperate need to help families who are living in poverty. Members of Ark Community Church in Sutton Coldfield joined a Volunteer Trip to initially get the Food Bank up and running. This has been a greatly appreciated by Otto and the Hope without Limits team.


Dealing with poverty among the gypsies has always been a significant need. There is a constant need to look for ways to help the people in their desire to better provide the basic needs for their families. Education is a big part of the work in this area. It is the hope that in providing opportunities to learn, the people will be equipped to provide for themselves over a longer period of time.

We believe we are all created in the image of God and believe in every child and adult’s potential, no matter what their disability or ethnicity, and that they are loved and valued by God and should have the same opportunities as everyone else.

To do this we:

Support Attila Toth (Reghin Area)
Attila Toth’s team have been working with some local teachers for the past four years in After Schools Clubs in the villages. The aim of this club is to better prepare the children in the local school for further study in High School.

In addition to providing a hot meal and instruction each day, the team has worked hard to make attendance a priority, using special weekly and monthly incentives. These incentives have also been tied to behaviour that is expected or productive citizens.

Some special classes are also held for adults with a desire to learn to read and write in Romanian.

The kindergartens are also working towards this goal of supporting education of the gypsy children in the community. Alongside the daily club meetings, Zozo Kalányos is working to help the young people of his community through a mentoring program. His desire is to see the youth follow in his footsteps of completing school and going on to find a steady job.

Educational support for gypsy children with disabilities (Sacele Area)
Because of culture and inter-marriage, there are many children with disabilities which prevents them from attending school. Many are left to vegetate at home, often with no supervision. Help with this is desperately needed.


If you can help please call us on +44 (0)121 565 3931


If you can help please call us on +44 (0)121 565 3931


If you can help please call us on +44 (0)121 565 3931

Food Banks crisis (Feb)

The COVID-19 restrictions in Romania have caused a lot of hardship in the villages and many challenges for Attila Toth (in Reghin) and Otto Kis (in Sacele). Both are going out day after day to meet the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable in their communities.

There is little work and the poor have no savings or food. In normal times, many of the poorest families live by going to the rubbish dumps each day; they collect what scraps of old discarded food they can find and take it home to share with their families. But now the rubbish dumps are all closed! The elderly cannot get out to beg or shop; many families are very hungry. 

The Food Banks in Reghin and Sacele are helping the very needy, but this winter the demands are as high as ever.  Through your generosity we are able to send financial gifts to Attila and Otto to fund this project. Hundreds of vulnerable families are being fed as thousands of food parcels with medicine and hygiene supplies are delivered to those at risk.

Both pastors are deeply grateful for all support.

Micro Farm Update (Jan)

One of the biggest problems facing rural families living in remote villages is getting regular work to feed their families and provide other essentials. For centuries the gypsies have been a marginalised cultural group, separated by lack of education, extreme poverty, prejudice and discrimination.

Our partner, Pastor Attila Toth (Reghin), who works with the gypsies, is developing a micro farm in the small village of Glodeni to provide food, labour and income for families in the village. 

The farm continues to expand with 3 industrial size and 2 sunken poly tunnels (which produce vegetables all year round), 42 pigs, a shepherd’s hut, and 8 chicken coops. 

The tractor sent out at the end of last year is going well and they have planted maize and alfalfa (a plant grown for superior livestock feed). 

With Spring not far away, it is becoming a matter or urgency to find someone to look after the poly tunnels. In 2020 Attila had a short term volunteer who managed these very efficiently but he has returned home.

Our UK partner Jon Williams and his Graft4Growth teams have been a huge help in the development of the farm, building the poly tunnels and supporting financially.


Sorin's story - Hope in tragedy! (Aug)

Following a serious car crash in 2014, Sorin was rushed to hospital in a bad way with a spinal injury. Initially, the doctors were not optimistic about his chances of survival, and the accident left him with life changing injuries and facing life in a wheelchair. To make matters worse, the Romanian care system is not geared up to help people with catastrophic injuries adapt to life and he was discharged.

Through an acquaintance, Sorin learned of our Disability Aids Loan Scheme in Sacele.  He says “I got in touch straight away with the Hope [without Limits] team, as I had been brought from hospital and left with no assistance at home; I needed a bed, a wheelchair, and a table.” 

The first major challenge was getting used to a body that didn’t work the way it used to and learning how to use the wheelchair and other aids to increase his independence in everyday activities. “I found the Hope team helpful and we understand each other very well. If they weren’t around, I don’t think I would have got over the trauma”.

Now living a full and active life, Sorin knows the day-to-day struggles facing people with disabilities in Romania. He wants to help other people, particularly in his own city, to be able to live with dignity. “With God’s help I fight for the rights of people with disabilities, I am a member of the Romanian national wheelchair handball team, and I have a beautiful relationship with a special girl and we hope to get married in the future.”  

He added “I am currently working on a project in which I want to create jobs for people with disabilities.” With his friend Florin (a physio), he has set up gym to help folk with disabilities, which is a great resource for the Hope team with the disabled children and adults.

We recently sent Sorin a FreeWheel attachment for his wheelchair as they are difficult and expensive to get in Romania. This will help him traverse grass fields and snowy paths, enjoy hiking trails and get down bumpy curbs so he won’t miss any fun with his family, or worry if he’s going to come flying out of his wheelchair. You will have seen these in operation in the Paralympic Games, flying along in races.

Learning to live with these injuries and become independent has not been easy for Sorin – his family’s and the Hope team’s support over the years has been a lifeline.

Urgent help needed for Mission House property (Aug)

Pastor Otto Kis and his family need to vacate their rented apartment by the end of September 2020!  It is becoming more and more urgent to get the Mission House finished. This is the project to build them a home and base to run their ministry from – working in the community with children, teenagers and those living in poverty and with disability.

Whatever the state of the building, the Kis family WILL be moving there in September as they have nowhere else to go. They are already beginning to transfer their personal belongings from their rented apartment to this new and exciting project.

We need to get the building finished but estimate a further £25,000 is needed to put in a bathroom and kitchen, internal doors, plaster the walls and furnish the property.

Vision for the Hope Centre Update (June)

For many years Otto Kis has had the plight of the disabled living in his community on his heart. In Romania, many buildings, including churches, are inaccessible to the disabled leaving them isolated.

As you know, it’s been his God-given vision to build a multi-functional, all-inclusive church centre (Hope Centre) in the heart of the community where those who are neglected by society can be loved, cared for and given a better quality of life. This project is now a step closer.  A group of stakeholders from Romania met with us last year on a whirlwind two-day tour visiting inspirational Christian organisations who have already developed similar centres in the UK.

Following this visit, we have been co-ordinating efforts to move this plan forward and Otto and team have discussed initial ideas and plans for the land that has been donated and, during the lockdown, we have been doing some serious and very necessary planning.  We have also commissioned a short film to explain the initial vision.

This centre will provide a meeting place for day care, therapeutic intervention, community church and spiritual care, community nursing services, and a focus for visiting groups to run health care clinics. It could provide a training centre – for carers, the Hope without Limits team, interested young people and a possible placement for final year therapy students. It would also be wonderful for the centre to also provide respite beds to relieve carers.

The centre would also house the Disability Equipment Loan Scheme and provide a direct link when children and people are assessed. They can be blessed with drinks, cake and a raised toilet seat! The warehouse we use at the moment is rented and not easily accessible by the public.

The plan is also to develop the land for self-sufficiency and grow social enterprises or small businesses to help off-set the running costs for such a venture.

Humanitarian and Emergency Response

There are many families living well below the poverty line; the elderly struggle to exist as they have very small pensions and therefore need help. Many gypsies have large families with mothers who have a limited understanding of child care, cooking, hygiene, struggling to exist on meagre incomes. With our partners in Sacele and Reghin, we help to support families in dire need and the elderly who need help to buy food and medicines.

Baby Boxes, filled with everything for a new baby, are made up in the UK and delivered to our partners in Romania. Because of poverty many young mothers are unable to provide for their new born babies.

In Romania, through neglect, there are many disabled children and adults experiencing severe difficulties in their lives.

We believe in a world where they should be able to break through injustice, deprivation and inequality to fulfil their potential, shape their own destiny and live rich, productive lives and where they:
• Have equal rights • Have enough money for a decent, secure life • Have access to healthcare and social care • Have the opportunity to live healthier lives • Live in homes that are safe and comfortable


Honey for Hope

Our aim is that all of our work in Romania is sustainable and our partners there would like to become more self-sufficient. Honey for Hope is a step towards this.

We are sent delicious, organic, honey from the pristine meadow fields of Transylvania by Lajos’s father-in-law, a master bee keeper. This is jarred, labelled and sold to raise money here in the UK.

As volunteers, working with charities, churches and partner organisations both in the UK and Romania, we ensure that help and proceeds go directly to improve the lives of individuals.

Honey for Hope aims to provide help and support to people with disabilities in Romania and the money raised will help resource the disability equipment loan scheme, train local volunteers and facilitate regular occupational therapy and physiotherapy visits.


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